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Plank on ply is where the ply is fixed to the concrete slab, and the timber is then fixed to the ply.

It  is important that a suitable moisture barrier such as Epicrete  is used on new concrete slabs.

The door frames are cut at the base to enable the Ply and boards to slide in the gap enabling a neat finish leaving no gaps.

The concrete floor is then scraped to remove loose particles, vacuumed and a moisture barrier is applied when necessary.

The Ply is fitted to the concrete slab using nails in a bed of glue, The joins are then sanded to ensure a level surface.

A string line is fitted to ensue that the boards are straight. Then the glue is applied to the floor in manageable sections.

The timber is then laid in the bed of glue, fixing the first board in accordance with the string line.

The remaining boards are the clamped, checked for straightness and then fixed in position using galvanised concrete nails.

A process of tapping the floor lightly to determine hollow points is also used to obtain the best results.

Trims are then installed along the walls allowing a small gap between the board and the wall to prevent any movement.

This process is then repeated throughout the determined area until finished.

Note "The timber should be allowed to sit for at least 10 days prior to the sealing process to enable the timber to stabilise"


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